(1) Cost per share: Shares are sold in 0.5% increments of a total masternode’s collateral.

(2) Frequency of payments: Payments will be made twice every week (Tuesday and Friday EST) for each masternode where the earnings since last payout exceed 10% of initial collateral. For example, if a masternode’s collateral was 1000, the rewards to be shared amongst holders must exceed 100 in order for payouts to occur. This is to ensure optimal payouts with minimal losses due to transaction fees.

(3) How long you have to keep coins locked in: Following your purchase, a share is held for 7 days. If you wish to forfeit your position in a shared masternode, you must fill out a support ticket providing the order # found in your Accounts section along with the amount of shares you wish to withdraw. You must verify your wallet address. To do so, you will be requested to send a small amount of the currency you wish to forfeit to a specific wallet address given to you by the Admin in charge of your Support Ticket. Following verification, your order will be cancelled and the funds will be returned within 7 days.

If a sufficient amount of individuals are in the queue to fill the spots in the shared masternode for the withdrawal, then the process for returning shares is quicker. If not, AltTank holds to right to hold the pending withdrawal for up to 7 days to i) notify the community of shareholders of a node being broken up and ii) finding replacement shareholders to maintain the node. Please refer to bullet one of Disclaimers for information of cryptocurrency fluctuations as we are NOT responsible for market crashes.

If in the event that a shared masternode is not completed and started within 28 days of the first share purchase, all prospective share holders will be notified and asked whether they wish to forfeit their position.

(4) Payout addresses: During checkout, you are required to provide an address for receiving rewards to. If wish to change your address, you must do so in your Accounts section. AltTank is not held responsible if you cannot access a previous wallet address or if payments have been made to an old address.

(5) Administration costs: 1-5% of all masternode earnings are kept by AltTank in lieu of hosting and managing this service.


  • Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile market and therefore AltTank may not be held responsible for price fluctuations in a coin. By deciding to participate in a shared masternode, it is inferred that you know and understand the risks.
  • AltTank provides near 99% up-time for all shared masternodes and have worked tirelessly to obtain the highest quality server providers, however errors in the blockchain do occur or chain forks. AltTank cannot be held responsible for any issues which are out of our immediate control.
  • AltTank is NOT held responsible if you cannot access your local wallet. If you need to change your wallet address on file, please do so in your Accounts section.  If you wish to use a new address, you must change it in this section. Please be aware that this wallet address will be your primary address and overrule any address placed in any future orders for that specific currency.